SiliconSage Builders


  • SiliconSage® Builders with focus on the architectural & corporate infrastructure.
  • We are committed to energy efficient construction by meeting LEED and Green Point standards on all our projects
  • Our project designs ranging from contemporary to traditional strives to integrate with the surrounding neighborhood.
  • SiliconSage® Construction provides in-house supervision & manpower to build our multi-family & mixed use projects.
  • SiliconSage® Homes works closely with potential homebuyers to identify & purchase just the right home.

About SiliconSage Builders

Siliconsage® Builders, LLC (“SSB”), was founded by Sanjeev Acharya, an experienced high-tech executive in Silicon Valley. In 2007, pursuing his fascination with local real estate redevelopment he transitioned himself into a new home construction entrepreneur. The company has grown to over 200 employees in Sunnyvale, CA. Siliconsage® Builders is proud to bring high density and much needed urban in-fill townhomes, condominiums and mixed used to the Silicon Valley metropolitan and greater bay area.