Landsea Homes


  • Focused on delivering a better quality of life by providing quality, comfortable homes.
  • We are committed to giving our customers a holistic home buying experience.
  • Our vision reaches beyond borders and beyond homebuilding.

About Landsea Homes

These are the cornerstones upon which Landsea builds your new home. Our vision reaches beyond borders and beyond homebuilding because we understand that home is more than an address – it’s where you find comfort every day. Landsea’s vision for home begins with an everlasting green company, a mission pioneered by the company’s rich legacy as a leading international builder using green technology. Since our founding in 2001, the company has been building homes that strive toward innovation, drawing recognition from across the globe for accomplishments in energy conservation, eco-friendly construction practices, comfort and healthy living. Landsea has expanded from China to Hong Kong, then to Germany and now to the United States with more than 50 ongoing real estate projects covering a total development area of over 91 million square feet. In 2014, our global sales revenues reached $1.7 billion, and current assets total over $4.4 billion. For you and your family, Landsea blends our unique international experience and advanced knowledge of technology with local expertise to present a distinctly better home. From superior homes, family- oriented environments and quality at every level to enduring communities, our dedication starts and ends with you, ensuring everyday living in your home is more comfortable than you ever imagined.