About Jeanne Guischard

Naturally reliable and kind, Jeanne is also an excellent negotiator and team player. She often spends her free time working out, being outdoors, or shopping with her daughters. Her other favorite activities include running marathons and paddleboarding with her dog, Kobe. As an agent, Jeanne truly cares about her clients and views real estate as a people-focused business, not just a transaction. She is excited to work with Colorado Home Realty and welcomes any questions you may have. Originally from Mission Viejo, California, Jeanne moved to Colorado in 1992 and graduated from the University of Colorado in 1996 with a BS in Accounting/Information Systems. She raised her two girls in Colorado Springs and pursued a career in marketing before assisting her parents with their real estate business in 2000. Discovering she had a passion for real estate, Jeanne became licensed in 2005. She recalls learning the golden rule early on from her mom and mentor, who was in the real estate business for 45 years. Jeanne has earned numerous certifications, endorsements, and awards including a Lifetime Achievement award at her previous brokerage. Jeanne is inspired in life by a leader in her church, Rev. Father Kirk, for his kindness and ability to see the big picture and break it down. She appreciates his positive impact on the community, and his humble, godly nature. What Jeanne is most proud of in life is her relationship with herself, doing the work, and healing. She found her “voice” and learned to take care of herself first and then others. Today, Jeanne has an honest and healthy relationship with her two adult daughters and hopes to teach others the importance of doing the work — and how that will set you free to live the life you hope and dream for. She wants to lead and inspire others toward their own joy, peace, and happiness. Let go ... and Let God. We Are the Luckiest, by Laura McKowen, is Jeanne’s favorite book because it taught her to “stop getting on the train” and to see life in a new and exciting way. Bonefish Grill and Walter’s 303 Pizzeria are a couple of her favorite restaurants, and coffee is her drink. Interestingly, Jeanne is a fraternal twin and is number six of seven children! If she had a theme song it would be “The Champion” by Carrie Underwood.

Her words to live by are: Kindness changes everything.