• Over the last 15 years, we have bought and sold every type of property from single family homes to raw land.
  • Within our Fit Properties Team we have a great deal of experience in sales management, consulting and marketing new home developments, locally and statewide.
  • We were built on a foundation of offering real estate as an investment option for our clients.
  • Whether you want to purchase a new home in San Diego or sell your new home development, we know the ins and outs of new home sales. We are your New Home Sales Pro!

About McMillin

Fit Properties is a real estate investment firm dedicated to clients; buying, selling, and providing strategic investment opportunities to generate a passive wealth in owning real estate. Our passion in real estate lies in helping our clients make the best long-term financial decisions to "fit" their goals. We believe that by making smart decisions in real estate you can dedicate more of yourself to spending time where it is deserved, to your future and your family.