About Debra Tocco

Venice, Florida is a great place to live and work, which is why Debra Tocco has chosen to call it her home for the last two decades. Debra’s familiarity with Sarasota County gives her clients an advantage in any real estate transaction. Combining her passion for people and the profession, Debra was led down a natural path to her career as an agent. It is no wonder her clients get to enjoy a seamless and stress-free process, whether they are looking to buy or sell property.

Debra is no stranger to the industry. Formerly in the mortgage and financing sector of real estate, she brings unique professional advice to the table, setting her apart from other agents. Through her studies and expertise, Debra has a wealth of ideas. Working with Sellers she walks them through the process, reviews their needs and educates them so that when they are ready to sell they are ready with the knowledge and expectations to make the experience a great one. When helping clients in their home hunting, she has an amazing ability to paint a vision of the potential that a house may hold. She has developed a keen eye for detail. Debra is truly an expert in her craft; from marketing and negotiating, to contracts and communication, she embodies the perfect partner to have at your side throughout your homeownership journey. She leverages her long-term experience to give you complete confidence from beginning to end.

With the support of her brokerage, Debra has access to an extensive network of real estate professionals and the latest technology. Debra goes above and beyond to ensure her client’s success via her amazing work ethic, skill, and mastery. When you call on Debra Tocco to be your advisor in real estate you are not only receiving one amazing agent but a friend and confidant every step of the way.